Company Reports

BAC 3Q22: Loans & NII in Drivers Seat, But Systemic Risk Vaults Higher

BAC showed loan and NII thoroughbread resiliance as it beat street consensus in a tough earnings season race. BAC has always been good at riding rates whether in lower yield environments and now higher. And its vast customer base helps in expanding loan product which is the best way to handle ALM risk. Buy on Stock, Buy on Bonds, Counterparty risk  Low, Regualtory risk Medium.  

Industry Reports

GS 3Q22: Restructure, Retch, Rinse, Repeat

GS spun the wonder wheel yet again to convince investors that it has found the magic elixer for operating performance excellence. Sounds good on paper, but a merger with a US regional bank makes more sense at this point. Buy on Stock. Buy on Bonds, Counterparty & Regulatory risk Medium. 

Topic/Theme Reports

Country Risk Chat: Quick Thoughts on Fed Actions

Fed steps up to the tightening plate this early afternoon, and market gauging whether it will be a 50 bps move or a muted 25 bps. Dr. Scott reviews some of the key points to consider with his view placed on 25 bps.