Company Reports

Recap COF 3Q20: Chock Full of Subprime Sludge: How To Shovel Out?

Capital One is hanging on by a hair as government stimulous support has kept its credit quality together. But it could easily humpty dumpty fall and crash into millions of credit loss pieces. Sell capital stack (Stock & Bonds), Counterparty risk to Medium-to-High. Regulatory risk Medium. 

Industry Reports

CECL & COVID: Double Trouble, Will US Banks Boil & Bubble?

FIASI presented its kick-off webcast for the new 2020 - 2021 season. The 4-person panel discussed: Bank Credit Danger Zone, CECL & Covid-19 Loan Pressures, How to Risk Manage. Panelists included: David Hendler of Viola Risk (Independent View), Fitch Ratings (Rating Agencies View), Cantor Fitzgerald (Sell-side View), and MetLife (Buy-side View). 

Topic/Theme Reports

Risk Mgt Chat: LIBOR Lunacy: Who’s on First, What’s on Second, I Don’t Know is on for 2021!?!

LIBOR deliberations &discussions have been as coherent as a pub imbibed dissertation on alternative views as to the start of the universe. In other words, another Federal Reserve bobbling of the goals and aspirations for a more equitable benchmark rate market. And wasn't that supposed to be the improvement after the LIBOR scandals. Yikes again. Thanks Fed!