Company Reports

BAC @ BAC: Lots of Consumer $$$ to Spend

BAC's CEO outlines the growth drivers for 2022. Still, we have heard this before in the pandemic period and BAC lags more succesful big banks/brokers. Contine to be a Buy on Stock given long term outlook. Sell on benchmark Bonds. Regulatory risk is Very Low, And Counterparty risk Low. 

Industry Reports

Return of the Broker Jedis: Is It Sustainable or Suicide?

Big banks and brokers have been duking it out for decades. We conclude that the brokers  have the economic earnings momentum edge as they plow through weaker managed big banks. Still, Morgan Stanley seem to be the Master Jedi as compared to "Darth Vader" revenues slugger Goldman Sachs.

Topic/Theme Reports

Country Risk Chat: Biden, Xi, Energy & Lebanon

Dr. Scott MacDonald pays tribute to a true American patriot, former Secretary of State, General Colin Powell who passed away this week. Provides an update on the Biden Infrastructure Plan, U.S. supply chain challenges, China geopolitical pressures and domestic woes. Also, energy bullet points and the possible emergence of a new natural gas cartel.