Company Reports

RF Recap: Best Margin Resiliency on Hedges

Regions continues to use its hedges as a crutch as it waits for loan growth. Still a weaker core franchise than the bigger regional banks. Pressure on Stakeholder Stack over the long term. 

Industry Reports

Big Banks ALM 2020: Crushed on NII, Noninterest Income Hedge

Big banks 2020 10Ks are out and we conduct our annual ALM reviews. Rates got crushed in net interest income as asset yields fell faster than liabilities. Asset volumes could not make up for the deficit though noninterest income hedged it better for some big banks like JPMorgan. 

Topic/Theme Reports

Systemic Siren: Hedge Fund Migraines for Prime Lenders

Latest hedge fund problem/liquidation shows how bank risk is still opaque. Need other tools for investors/risk managers to assess bank resiliency. Viola Risk's systemic shortfall breakevens is an answer.