Company Reports

Country Risk Chat: 10,000 Years BC, where we are Headed?

Lions and Tigers and Bears! Oh my! The global economic/political and sovereign landscapes entering the dog days of summer a month in advance as economies and governments erupt into firestorms of controversy and weakness. Dr. Scott explains how the economic battlefield minefields can be adroitly avoided. 

Industry Reports

The Pandemic Hits Parade: DJ Fed Spins Severity Scenarios

The virus has stressed the financial system with systemic risk never seen before. Most bigger banks can survive with capital structure intact. COF, GS should have major difficulties maintaining common stock dividend. Perpetual preferreds are a better investment play. Expect major survivor mergers with Citi, Walmart, Amazon, PNC, USB as the stronger hands.

Topic/Theme Reports

ESG Perspectives: Juneteenth & DOAS Must Haves

In the spirit of the Juneteenth commemorations recognizing the beginning of freedom for former American Slaves of African origin, we present exerpts of The Sightless Bird, a blog that comments on critical African American ESG investment issues as they impact the DOAS community (Descendants of African Slaves). There is still much to be done to support a better and more fair social, economic and political environment.