Company Reports

JPM 1Q19: Record Economic Earnings, ESG Whale Risk!

JPMorgan had knockout results and new-age economic earnings. But rising ESG Event Risk is lurking in the off-balance sheet as Viola Risk begins to review. Go to Sell on Bonds on technicals, still a Buy on Stock. Counterparty/Enterprise Risk Low, Systemic Risk Very Low. JPM JPM JPM JPM JPM JPM JPM JPM JPM JPM JPM JPM

Industry Reports

US Regional Bank M&A: Economic Strong Devouring the Weak, Who’s Next?

Regional bank takeovers heating up in the US, but is it necessary as App Smartphone Banking is making huge in-roads? We explore the key factors in the M&A check-list to see the real economic earnings Buyers & Sellers. And those that may still hang out under the lamp-posts. 

Topic/Theme Reports

Country Risk Chat: Brexit – Shm-exit, Ukrainian Borscht-Belt Humor, Asian Fusion Pu Pu Platter

World affairs are a smorgasbord of absurd realities that still need to be invested in or risk managed. From the UK, to the Ukraine, to the panopoly of Asia, there is no reason to watch Comedy Central. Just read this report.