Company Reports

Systemic Risk is Back! Most Vulnerable GSIBs: US, Canadian, European?

Viola Risk stress tests for big declines in economic earnings as the economy contracts due to the Covid-19 virus. US banks look the strongest counterparties but will still be impacted. Canadians can weaken further than US. Europeans have dismal protections against earnings dropoffs. Europeans presented most counterparty and systemic risk. 

Industry Reports

US Regionals: Coping with Covid-19, Excess Risk Spots

US regional banks will suffer from the decline in lending and transaction activity and the rise in loan losses despite government/central bank stimulus. Capital One most at risk with large card book. Citizens Financial and Regions in the large bank sector with runaway other consumer loan growth at risk.​ 

Topic/Theme Reports

Country Risk Chat: Coronavirus, Sovereign Ratings & Oil

The Corvid-19 pandemic is wreaking havoc on sovereign credit ratings across the globe. The US is struggling  the biggest outbreak and pressure on its debt and economic underpinnings. Could lead to rating outlook to downgrade changes. We examine other impacted countries like Italy, the UK. And the oil countries of Mexico, Russia and Saudi Arabia. Australia hit by a falloff in trade with China as well.