Company Reports

TFC 4Q20: Wrestling with Integration, Covid, Low Rates


Truist beats consensus but is challenged to complete its merger integration given Covid constraints. Investment banking and insurance were the drivers. Sell on Stock & benchmark Bonds. Systemic risk Very Low. Counterparty risk Low.

USB 4Q20: Conservative Reserve Stance, Looking to Stock Buybacks


USB takes a more conservative reserve stance as only regional not to reslease. Looking for gradual economic pickup for earnings growth and to lift its payments business. On the stock buyback trail as well. Buy Stock, Sell benchmark bonds. Systemic risk is Very Low and counterparty risk Low.

KEY 4Q20: Strength in I-Banking & Mortgage, Can it Continue?


Key had a record revenues year driven by investment banking and consumer mortgage and fintech generated consumer loans. With attractive financial metrics we move to a Buy on the Stock. Still a Sell on rich benchmark bonds. Sytemic risk Low. Counterparty risk Low-to-Medium. 

FITB 4Q20: Lacking Growth Drivers Except Economic Lift


Fifth Third seems to have run out of gas as it lacks growth drivers and is reliant on macro forces for potetential revenues lift. Remain a Sell on the stock and Sell on benchmark bonds. Sytemic and counterparty risks are Low. 

CFG 4Q20 : Very Optimistic, Still Has Issues


CFG seems to be in another optimistic world of economic rebound, buybacks and being a buyer in the M&A world. We are more pessimistic and are a Sell on Stock and benchmark bonds. Systemic risk is low and counterparty risk is Low-to-Medium. 

GS 4Q20: Crushes Consensus, Advancing on Strategics, Shrugs off 1MDB


Goldman Sachs had an explosive 4Q20 as its equities machine pumped out windfall gains in underwriting and trading. Still, it made good progress on its strategic targets. We move to Buy on Stock, maintain Sell on benchmark bonds. Systemic and counterparty risk is Medium. 

BAC 4Q20: Awash in Liquidity, Resorting to Buybacks


BAC has lots of deposit powder to put to work as it waits for higher rates, a steeper yield curve, and economic recovery. Leans on stock buybacks to keep stock going. Buy Stock, Sell on benchmark bonds, Low systemic risk. Counterparty risk Medium. 

PNC 4Q20: Waiting for BBVA USA Close, Tough Rates Environment


PNC in deal closing flight pattern as it waits for the BBVA USA deal to close in the summer. Still experiencing rate pressures as most banks are, but without a stock buyback route. We are Neutral on Stock, Sell on benchmark bonds. Systemic risk Very Low. Counterparty risk Low. 

JPM 4Q20: Lots of Outlook, No Investor Day


JPMorgan  gave its 2021 outlook in its 4Q20 release and is looking for greater technological prowess with commensurate investment spending. Needs to compete against Big Tech, growing FinTech players and foreign bank competition mostly from China banks. Move to Buy on Stock, Sell on benchmark bonds. Regulatory and counterparty risks decline to Very Low and Low, respectively with vaccine rollouts. 

Citi Update: In New CEO Neverland: FCF Farce!


Citi is playing three-card monte on it operating/risk management overhaul as it trys to get the focus on the new CEO, instead of the breakdown in its risk mgt and infrastructure needs. Sell on Stock and benchmark Bonds. Regulatory & counterparty risk back to High. 

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