Company Reports

WFC 4Q19: CEO Scharf Asks for More Time


WFC CEO Scharf asking for more time to straighten out the banking situation. Even after three years of restructuring and repositioning. We remain cautious with an eye on Investor Loans. Sell on Stock and benchmark Bonds. Counterparty risk is Medium level. 

MS 4Q19: Next 5 Years, Higher Margins and New Biz


MS CEO Gorman made a strong case for future revenues growth with a conservative balance sheet. Still there is tough competition, but MS should hit its 5 year goals. Buy on Stock and benchmark bonds. Counterparty risk is Medium. 

BAC 4Q19: Offsetting NII Pressures with Loans, Deposits, ALM


BAC scrambles to preserve NII as rates pressures take hold. Loan & deposit growth, client activity and ALM derivatives should help to boost NII towards 2H2020. Buy Bonds, Sell Stock, Low Counterparty Risk. 

GS 4Q19: Waiting for Investor Day & 1MDB Settlement


GS presents revised reporting, but all eyes are focused on upcoming investor day strategic plan unveiling. As 1MDB still lingers and casts a shadow on good news day. Maintain Buys on Stock and Bonds. Counterparty risk is Medium. 

JPM 4Q19: Record Results Consumer, Capital Markets Juggernaut


JPM knocked the cover off the performance ball in 2019 and expects strong results into 2020. Cards, Capital Markets top-notched. Rates pressures leak in, but loan volumes buffering. Buy Stock, Sell rich Bonds, Counterparty Risk Low. 

Citi 4Q19: Are Cards & Google the Key to Growth?


Citi has trudged a long way towards respectability as a normal bank. Google JV can transform it into a powerhouse consumer lender and retail banker in US and importantly in its International presence.  Buy Stock, Sell rich Bonds, Counterparty Risk improves to Medium. 

PNC: One Byte & Branch Expansion v. Merger Strategics?


PNC reviewed its consumer and middle market banking initiatives. Trying to build out its digital and physical platforms. We explore the M&A buy case given the industry merger dynamics and competitive threats from Big Bank, FinTech and Big Tech. 

Truist: Mega-Regional Scale, Big Bank Achilles Heel?


Truist (TFC), the combined BB&T and SunTrust, made its conference presentation debut at the GS US Financial Svcs Conference.  Scale matters and TFC may find a way to thrive against the Big Banks and Techs.

TD 4Q19: Stronger US, Schwab Deal Improves Brokerage Stake


TD gets lift from US retail banking, auto lending, and Schwab's acquisition of TD Ameritrade. Some credit cost migration higher, but explained. Buy on Stock, Sell on richer bonds.Counterparty/Regulatory risk Low. 

BMO 4Q19: Stronger Results, But Higher Systemic Risk


BMO shows good momentum in traditional banking in Canada and the US. Wealth mgt performs well too as capital markets hampered by higher PCL. Still a Sell on benchmark bond and stock. Counterparty and regulatory risk rises with higher systemic shortfalls. 

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