Company Reports

GS 3Q17: Declares War on Itself, Can it Win?


GS did it again as it beat the street, but still disappointed. New Marshall Plan for revenues renewal is a big wish list that only a Goldman Sachs can accomplish.  Buy Stock and Buy Bonds. GS GS GS GS GS

WFC 3Q17: 4 O’clock Scandals Shadow


WFC still can't shave away the sales practice scandal and continues to deal with residual effects. But core strategic, balance sheet, income statement foundations run deep. Strong Buys on Stock & Bonds. 

BAC 3Q17: Back in the Game after All These Years?


BAC has turned it around on the performance side as it now is in command of its growth drivers. Good progress across consumer, wealth management and C&I lending. Buy Stock, Sell 10Y bonds on tighter spreads. 

JPM 3Q17: 2017 Money-Making Champion, MVB-ank?


JPM continues to muscle earnings out of the ball-park as its best combination of strategy, business coverage, management beats the global competition. IMF agrees with our Viola Risk view that profits matter. Buy Stock, Sell 10Y bonds on tight spreads. JPM JPM JPM JPM JPM JPM

C 3Q17: More Card Mailings, More NCOs, More Buybacks


Citi stock has been on fire in the group, but how far can buybacks rocket fuel it forward? Still needs to prove disciplined growth especially in its credit card rebirth. Buy Stock, Sell 10Y bonds on tight spreads. Citi Citi Citi Citi Citi Citi Citi

TD 3Q17: New Earnings Format & Tearsheet


TD has successfully diversified into US retail banking, online brokerage and auto finance. Still it has sizeable Canadian mortgage exposures like the rest of the Big 5. Find more value in equity than 3Y benchmark bond. TD TD TD TD

BMO 3Q17: New Earnings Format & Tearsheet


BMO has the weakest combination of overvalued debt and equity. Sell on both.

BNS 3Q17: New Earnings Format & Tearsheet


BNS posts good results, but seeing fall-off in LatAm growth. Sell Stock, Buy 5Y Bond.

CIBC 3Q17: New Earnings Format & Tearsheet


CIBC keeps humming in mortgage and consumer lending, but will it hit the wall as the vintages season? Sell Stock, Buy Debt. CIBC CIBC CIBC CIBC

RY 3Q17: New Earnings Format & Tearsheet


RY prints another good quarter, but market still concerned about housing values in bubbly Canada. Very low systemic risk and low credit/counterparty risk relieves some concerns. Buy Stock, Sell Bonds RY RY RY RY

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