Company Reports

BNP 3Q16: Singing the Sacré Banking Bleus in Eq.Derivatives


BNP Paribas looks like it is turning around, but we wonder what is underground. Equity derivatives & other complex derivatives is their love-affair and it could be what breaks the bank. BNP BNP BNP BNP

10Q-Tips: JPMorgan, Legal Structure, Sales Practices, BREXIT


JPMorgan's 3Q16 10Q revealed its improved resolution plans and regulatory inquiries regarding sales practices. Improvement on one front, more mystery on another.

10Q-Tips: Bank of America, Titanic Shifts in Legal Structure?


Bank of America addresses the "intermediate holding company" requirement in its submitted resolution plan more specifically than JPMorgan's plan. Does not speak to regulatory inquiries of its retail customer sales practices as reported by JPMorgan.

Barclays 3Q16: Jiggy Joyous on Brexit Benefits, LOBO a No No


Barclays is improving, but not as much as mgt. touts. High systemic risk combined with Level 3s in need of major writedowns will pound Stakeholder Stack.Barclays Barclays Barclays

Deutsche Bank 3Q16: Midget Performer in Big Bank World


Deutsche Bank's earnings were pathetic and on an economic basis even worse than that. There is a confidence booster chant going around in last ditch effort to avoid catastrophe. Stakeholder Stack should take defensive measures & NOW!!

GS 3Q16: Lucky Goldy, Slow Summer But Tech Gold


Goldman Sachs surf-boarded the tech industry's huge issuance activity in the 3Q16. Without it and its equities investments, it would be another blah EPS quarter. Will Marcus beat Watson? Read on.

WFC 3Q16: X-Sell Mirage Meltdown or Temporary Crisis?


Wells Fargo needs more 'xplaining to do, and the recent earnings call was too coy on the fixes. We are Buy on capital stack: debt & equity on related spread widening and price declines. WFC WFC Wells Fargo Wells Fargo

Deutsche Bank: Diabolic Debt Funding, Taking Stealth Underworld Actions to Survive


It's almost over for Deutsche Bank as it frantically scrambles worldwide to cobble together an equity capital injection and attempts to hold its weak lliquidity/funding in-place. Needs Germany to step up and intervene.

Deutsche Bank: On Life Support, Will It Pull Out?


Deutsche Bank's problems are not only impacting its Stakeholder Stack, but igniting concerns across Europe. As the Germans holiday today, European risk is rising. We point out the next batch of weakened banks that will shake things up. And of course DB!

DB: Dead & Buried?


Deutsche Bank is about to pierce stock single digits as its mounting woes magnify. Viola Risk was warning of this back in early August and we will have a series of more articles on the death spiral developing.

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