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Exclusive: Deutsche Bank 'hiding risk as it takes stealth underworld actions to survive'


British press on to the Deutsche Bank wounded dirigible problem. Is DB the next Hindenburg failure of design? Not a small patch job in Viola Risk's view.

Deutsche Bank: Diabolic Debt Funding, Taking Stealth Underworld Actions to Survive


It's almost over for Deutsche Bank as it frantically scrambles worldwide to cobble together an equity capital injection and attempts to hold its weak lliquidity/funding in-place. Needs Germany to step up and intervene.

Deutsche Bank: Funky Funding, Hiding From Credit Markets?


We held a conference call on Deutsche Bank reviewing its troubling Level 3 Assets, and its abnormal funding patterns. Bad assets and bad liquidity means that capital levels are woefully too low. Attached is a weblink for an encore replay of this presentation. 

Deutsche Bank: On Life Support, Will It Pull Out?


Deutsche Bank's problems are not only impacting its Stakeholder Stack, but igniting concerns across Europe. As the Germans holiday today, European risk is rising. We point out the next batch of weakened banks that will shake things up. And of course DB!

Deutsche Bank: Emergency Conference Call - 11AM NYC Time


Deutsche Bank Call at 11AM NYC time Today, Call your Dial-In Number: (712) 770-4700; Enter your Access Code: 115428.

DB: Dead & Buried?


Deutsche Bank is about to pierce stock single digits as its mounting woes magnify. Viola Risk was warning of this back in early August and we will have a series of more articles on the death spiral developing.

Wells Fargo: Allís Well That Ends Well? Not!


WFC’s stakeholder stack needs answers from the C-suite as to what are the new financial metric strategy, targets, goals and mantra now that cross-selling has failed in its mission to accrete shareholder value and induce bondholder/risk manager security. 

At this point we continue to believe that Wells Fargo is a systemically strong company that has created enormous shareholder value over the last ten years, more so than any bank in the US and the world. We recommend buying at these lower stock and bond/cds levels. Maintain counterparty risk exposures. WFC WFC Wells Fargo Wells Fargo

Deutsche Bk: Death March Math, Capital Whacked By Level 3s


Deutsche Bank's desperate situation is further imperiled by its seriously illiquid Level 3 assets. In the last 2 years, there has been a de minimus amount of outflows whether payments, maturities or more importantly sales. This is a bad sign as DB is in desperate need of capital now, not over long-time periods that the Level 3s are schedule to pay off on. We believe that opportunistic investors would pay very little to “no bid” on these highly complex and customized structures with no market liquidity.  DB DB DB Deutsche Deutsche Deutsche

Deutsche Bank: The Rise & Fall of the Fourth Bkg Reich


The Viola Risk Advisor "systemic risk" indicator shows Deutsche Bank's desperate situation. Based on this metric, it would take DB roughly 14 years to rebuild its capital shortfall with core operating earnings compared to U.S. big banks (~2 years) & Canadian banks (~ 1 year).

MS 2Q16: Slaughter Old Goats, Heard Young Lambs


MS turning around its Shareholder Value-Added trend to the positive which should boost its Stakeholder Stack values across equity & debt. Regulatory risk highest of majors.

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