Company Reports

STT 3Q15: Another Tech Initiative to Ignite Earnings Growth


Despite new business mandates, macroeconomic factors weigh on earnings growth. STT announces the next phase in tech re-engineering to increase efficiencies and create the new generation of revenue driving products. Successful reduction in excess deposits should help leverage ratios, but negatively affect earnings in 4Q.

Regions 3Q15: Energy Criticized Spikes, Swaps to Rescue


Regions showed a criticized loan energy spike this quarter but seems to be confident even though a sizeable amount is to oilfield services. Loan growth moderated and the margin declined with some growth in fee income. Began to implement a swaps strategy to help margin.

CS 3Q15 & Investor Day: Thiam Likes Wealth Mgt & Capital Raise


Credit Suisse’s new CEO Thiam linch-pins his franchise turnaround to the wealth management business with a right-sized investment bank. Combination of fixed cost reduction and major capital raise with rights issue will significantly boost capital levels. Still this vision is not unique among global banks in a highly competitive arena.

NTRS 3Q15: Growth Hampered By Lower Equity Valuations


AUCA and AUM benefited from new wins in custody and asset management contracts, but was partially offset by lower equity market valuations and currency translation impact of a stronger U.S. dollar.  Positive operating leverage from strong revenue growth and controlled expenses.

Zions 3Q15: Energy, Houston CRE, Efficiency Plans


Slow loan growth and energy loan credit concerns and their ripple effects continue to aggravate Zions. Focused on charter consolidation to drive further efficiency gains.

Fifth Third 3Q15: New CEO Focuses on Efficiency


Upcoming new CEO will focus on driving efficiencies as the loan and revenues challenge continues at Fifth Third. Some lift in commercial construction and other C&I, but consumer is less of a factor.

BK 3Q15: Revenues Muted, Helped By Cost Control & Organic Growth


Core fee business revenues and net interest income increase from organic growth and balance sheet restructuring.  Process simplification and improvement helped to lower expenses by 10%. 

SunTrust 3Q15: Consumer Loans Restoring Profitability Metrics


Deliberate consumer loan and deposit shuffling helped to increase sequential NIM.  Expense control and lower credit costs allowed for higher earnings before tax.  Profitability measurements finally on par with regional peers after tax benefit assist.

KeyCorp 3Q15: Efficiency Paramount As Rates Stay Low


Strong fee revenues from investment banking and corporate services and solid C&I loan growth are main drivers.  Despite positive operating leverage KEY’s efficiency ratio remains much above regional peers.

CMA 3Q15: Hitting Energy Credibility Wall As Criticized Rises


Comerica continues to be dogged by rising criticized energy loans, but is convinced that losses will be manageable. Looks at positive growth in California and Michigan and some parts of Texas as diversification play.

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