Company Reports

Scotiabank 3Q15: Increasing Latin Flavors


Good loan growth in Canada and South America, but softer Asian business.  Added to Peru and Chile exposures with acquisitions.  Concerns of potential asset quality deterioration in Latin American and direct and indirect Canadian oil loans.

CIBC 3Q15:  Record Quarter, Low Stress From Oil & Caribbean


All businesses contributed to a record quarter.  Strategic focus bearing fruit.  Credit quality remains solid.

Toronto Dominion 3Q15: Resi Mortgage & Commercial Loans Lead Growth


Record quarter with strong assist from residential mortgage, commercial, and indirect auto loan growth.  Capital build on higher earnings used to fund organic loan growth.  Asset quality stable, but expected to fall.

RBS 2Q15 Recap: Litigation & Restructuring Costs Hit


Litigation and restructuring charges dragged down results.  Continued march towards new operating structure helping capital ratios. 

Royal Bank of Canada 3Q15: Reshuffling Biz, Variable Results


Results varied.  Two segments performing strongly, two worse, and one flat.  Net positive for the quarter.  Caribbean cuts done, Swiss wealth sale pending, City National incoming.

Bank of Montreal 3Q15: Smooth Crude (For Now), U.S. Ops Give Lift


Earnings lift provided by solid loan growth in Canada and U.S. operations, expense control and lower credit costs.  Oil & gas loans showing small signs of deterioration, but still under control. 


Societe Generale 2Q15 Recap: Strong Profitability Boosts Capital


Societe Generale posted strong results across its franchise as if the global slowdown was of little concern.  We believe it needs to downsize its franchise in Russia, and worry about credit costs escalating from a global slowdown. 

BNP 2Q15 Recap: Good Results Despite Slow Europe, Sustainable?


BNP posted good results across its franchise as if the European slowdown was of little concern. We still believe it needs to downsize its franchise and worry about credit costs escalating if Europe does not pick up more.

Launch Zions: Adios CDOs; ĦAy, Caramba! Energy


Jettisoned CDO book torpedoed earnings.  Soft commercial and CRE lending offset by strong residential and home equity lending.  Rising energy classified loans bear monitoring.

Launch HSBC: Asia Initiative, More Than Big Yuan?


Similar to other global banks, HSBC plans to ‘prioritize’ and invest heavily in Asia in insurance and asset management.  It has plans to beef up in Pearl River Delta and ASEAN with business innovations, but will yuan devaluation resulting from a slowing China economy help or hinder.  HSBC HSBC HSBC HSBC

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