Company Reports

Launch HBAN:  Hunting For Growth


Results driven by newly acquired Macquarie Equipment Finance, organic C&I, auto, and residential mortgage.  Consumer lending to be future growth driver as it pulls back from competitive & higher risk C&I lending. HBAN Huntington

Barclays 2Q15 Recap:  Jenkins Gone, Results Up?


Fresh off its dismissal of former CEO Jenkins, Barclays presented a more upbeat view and posted positive results across most business units. We wonder if more financial statement shoes are to drop when a new CEO is announced.

Launch Ally:  Auto & Deposits Traction, Re-Treading Cost of Funds


Ally has accomplished a great deal since it left GM’s orbit during the credit crisis.  Capital is very strong and credit quality is very good.  It has done an enviable job establishing its non-branch and online deposit base. 

GS FI Call: Opportunistic & Cautious, Still Level 3s


Goldman provided more details on its funding, liquidity and capital metrics. It views the CCAR stress test as binding constraint and therefore stockpiles capital in excess of buffer. Level III assets still much of a mystery. GS GS GS

UBS 2Q15: Wealth Mgt. Roaring, Capital Soaring


UBS’ franchise led by wealth management with its recurring earnings power; though still in restructuring mode for other key business units. ubs ubs ubs

Deutsche Bank 2Q15: Cryan Out Loud on Better Risk Adj. Returns


With its change in leadership, DB’s new CEO seems to have the right idea on more proactively increasing leverage capital, reducing the balance sheet & operating costs and establishing more of a sharper strategic focus. More details to come in October. DB DB DB deutsche deutsche deutsche

COF 2Q15: Oil-n-Gas & Uber Ouch - Cards Weaker Too


Significant YoY net income decline and substantial increase in provisions offset revenue growth.  COF is well capitalized and continues to diversity its portfolio. COF COF COF


STT 2Q15: Not Excited About Excess


Business growth in custody and asset management provided earnings lift.  Excess deposits still growing despite higher charges.  FX legal accruals weighed on results for fourth straight quarter.  Remixing investment portfolio for capital, liquidity and profitability purposes.

AXP 2Q15: Post-Partum (Costco) Depression


Even with strong segment growth across USCS, ICS and GNMS, AXP seeks to regain footing post-Costco divesture; positive traction in rewards programs brewing. 

Launch Discover: Competition & Compliance Clamps


Discover had the card growth field wide open following the credit crisis years which led to strong volumes and loan growth. But competition is heating up, especially in its Cash Back category, just as compliance costs ramp up too.

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