Company Reports

Fifth Third 2Q15: Digital Destruction of Regional Branches


FITB shows some loan growth, but not very convincing. Downsizing branches as digital banking breaks down the branch usage. 

Regions 2Q15: Dodges Energy Bullet, Not Much Growth


RF skirted the energy spike that nailed Comerica this quarter. Still, the loan growth and better fee income may not be sustainable. High SNC concentration is a worry.

Morgan Stanley 2Q15:  More Progress, More Debt Cost Declines


Strong performance from all business segments lifted Morgan Stanley core operating income.  Positive operating leverage and improved mix of lower risk, lower volatility businesses helping profile of company.

Launch CMA 2Q15: Credit Controversy, Energy Spikes 


Comerica has stirred up the credit controversy pot as its energy patch lending cracks more than other banks. Higher criticized loans and provisions draw attention, though the company should be able to navigate through it.

Launch Synchrony: Getting Its Indie Sea Legs


SYF is growing across multiple consumer sectors with tried and tested value proposition, which is innovation through digital products for entering fully into the online banking space. 

SunTrust 2Q15:  Remix of Loans and Deposits


STI is making strides on executing strategic objectives.  Profitability is up, but still below better performing regional banking peers.  Loan and deposit mix changes are helping interest margins and asset quality.  Cost cutting is still major part of profitability drive.

Citigroup 2Q15:  Getting to Normal?


Citi showed its cleanest quarter in several years, and some metric progression. Still mostly a cost cutting story with some revenues lift.

BB&T 2Q15: Acquisition Driven Growth Strategy


BBT had strong profitability after cutting through the noisy 1x items.  Expect short-term rise in expenses with merger integrations to continue through rest of year.

KeyCorp 2Q15: Investment Banking Is The Way?


Key led this quarter with strong investment banking and C&I loan growth. We question its sustainability as it deals with the low rates environment.

Bank of America 2Q15; Better Metrics In Formation


BAC had one of its cleanest quarters in a while with operating expenses the lowest since 2008. There seems to be some positive metric moves in credit card and mortgage originations, but we need more linked quarters before it appears sustainable.

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