Company Reports

Launch American Express: Continuing Its High Class Cache?


For decades, AmEx marketed itself as an upscale/luxury brand card offering pioneering gold/platinum/black card categories. But over the last 15 years of card evolution, other banking players have narrowed the lead that AmEx almost exclusively dominated. Will AmEx adapt well is the question?

Launch Barclays: Scotiabank of Britain?


Similar to many other Euro Banks, Barclays suffers from European-itis, as its “go-to” business format is still a work-in-process.  Combined with digitalized retail banking in the UK and a focus on UK & US credit card lending, this could lead it to a better operating model glide path. 

Launch BNP Paribas: Diversification, mais Oý est le Boef?


BNP’s revenues were higher with net income rising to EUR 1.6 billion (+ 18% YoY), despite its Single Resolution Fund contribution (EUR 245 million).

Deutsche Bank: Jainís Vision, Too Much, Too Little, Too Late?


The takeaway message was that DB is working to deliver better shareholder value, which is great for that stakeholder, but could have various degrees of positive and negative implications for other stakeholders including the bondholder and credit counterparty ones.

Launch Toronto Dominion: †Powder Dry, Retail-Driven


Reported 2Q15 EPS of $0.97, but $1.14 on an adjusted basis which beat street consensus of $0.91.  All three main segments (Canadian and U.S. Retail and Wholesale Banking) reported good earnings growth. TD TD Toronto Dominion Toronto Dominion

Launch Royal Bank of Canada: †Canadian Strong, Hollywood Bound


Reported 2Q15 EPS of $1.68, but $1.61 on an adjusted basis which beat street consensus of $1.59.  RBC’s primary earnings drivers were personal and commercial banking, capital markets, and investor and treasury services, partly offset by lower insurance and wealth management. 

Launch Scotiabank 2Q15: The Pan Am Bank


Reported 2Q15 EPS of $1.42 which beat street consensus of $1.14.  Scotiabank’s major drivers included: Canadian banking’s good loan growth & NIM improvement and strong AUM growth, international banking’s good revenues and loan growth...

Launch Bank of Montreal: Jumpiní Jack Flash, Oil & Gas


Reported 2Q15 EPS of $1.49, but $1.71 on an adjusted basis which beat street consensus of $1.36.  Major drivers included solid asset growth in wealth management, strong loan growth in personal and commercial banking operations, plus a small improvement in interest margins.

Launch CIBC: The 4Cís - Cards, Condos, Carbon, Caribbean


Reported 2Q15 EPS of $2.25 ($2.28 on an adjusted basis) which beat street consensus of $1.89 adj.  CIBC’s major drivers included: retail banking’s strong volume growth and margin expansion, wealth management’s solid asset growth, and wholesale banking’s strong client-oriented results.

Launch Societe Generale: Wrestling with Social-Welfare Sovereign Past


Reported 1Q15 EPS of EUR 0.96 that missed consensus of EUR 1.09 as a result of higher expenses and lower revenues than expected. 

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