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PNC Buys BBVA USA: Motivated Seller, Cash Rich Buyer


PNC pulls the trigger and bags BBVA USA as the stars aligned for both. Still it shows that other big and weaker US regional banks not as motivated to sell hoping for vaccine relief and resumption of normal economics. Sell on PNC capital structure (stock and bonds) and counterparty and regulatory risk is Low. 

Country Risk Chat: Election Agita: Biden Won, Trump Furious, Legal Landmines?


The US Presidential Election is over, but is it? So says Dr. Scott with his early reads on upcoming foreign and economic policy under the President-elect Biden administration. Still, legal challenges can not be ruled out causing market volatility. China still a rising super-power threat with Biden more similar to Trump on how to handle. Europe elated as Biden will give them the bear-hug they desperately needed. 

Country Risk Chat: Biden Victory? Market Volatility!


Dr. Scott scans the presidential race landscape for signs of economic and markets life post election. With a Biden win, that he leans towards, taxes will rise considerably with volatilie & downward stock markets to follow.  Bond markets will welcome fiscal responsibility, but could get hammered if the economy falters first. 

Country Risk Chat: China & US - Workin’ on Night Moves, Waking Up to Sounds of Thunder


Dr. Scott continues his Howard Cosell-esqe commentary on the U.S. elections as the relationship between the U.S. and China takes center stage. The two sumo wrestler nations are trying to tip each other over in their quest for global hegemony. China goes on U.S. Treasury diet to upset U.S. physical dominance. 

Country Risk Chat:US Elections, Pls Mr Postman:Deliver the Election, de Sooner de Better!


Dr. Scott looks at the Biden-Harris ticket and gives it a stamp of approval; with President Trump squashing the Post Office as snail mail goes crustacean subnation. It will be quite a political food-fight as the USA goes from Big Apple brightness to Banana Republic frightness. 

Country Risk Chat: USA’s a Go-Kart Economy: Some Mo-Mo, Will It Fly off Track?


The US economy is in a dichotomy state between the suffering from truely high unemployment & depressed GDP, and the stock market surge led by the Big Tech stocks. Which way will the US economic go-kart swerves in the end is a centripetal force question to be answered 

Country Risk Chat: Japan Under Pressure; Can’t Eat Sushi!


Japan stuck in economic funk for the better part of 25 years, now has to contend with the deleterious effects of COVID-19 for compounding its duel burden of poor demographics and high debt loads. 

Country Risk Chat: Is Biden Good or Bad for the Markets?


Dr. Scott discusses the US Presidential horse race that is galloping all out to the Swing States finish line. Will Biden help or hinder markets if he keeps up the lead. And will restored jobs and virus cures resurrect Trump's prospects with his final kicks to election day. 

Country Risk Chat: A Long Hot Summer Ahead: Riots, Food & Debt


Dr. Scott reviews the economic landscape as the George Floyd demonstrations lead to violence and looting that further hurts small businesses that have been devastated by the pandemic quarantine conditions. And overlays the US-China tensions over Hong Kong and other pandemic issues. Then food insecurity globally, with inflationary effects. Finally, India's downgrade by Moody's and thoes effects. 

Country Risk Chat: 10,000 Years BC, where we are Headed?


Lions and Tigers and Bears! Oh my! The global economic/political and sovereign landscapes entering the dog days of summer a month in advance as economies and governments erupt into firestorms of controversy and weakness. Dr. Scott explains how the economic battlefield minefields can be adroitly avoided. 

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