Topic/Theme Reports

Dr. Scott B. MacDonald, Country Risk Strategist


Dr. Scott B. MacDonald is Country Risk Strategist at Viola Risk Advisors. Hold the date for his presentation on "The German/Italian Elections & Other Euro Dynamics" scheduled for Wednesday, August 2 at 11am NYC time.

Country Risk Chat: Hot & Hazy, But Markets Are Not Lazy


Bromance heats up between the leader of the free world and the leader of the French people. Macron & Trump, the unlikeliest of couples, strut their stuff down Avenue des Champs-Elysees. Hold Aug. 2 @ 11am for Country Risk Chat conference call on "Europe: Love/Laughter/Disaster?"

Country Risk Chat: Another G-20 Meeting & All We Got Was a Lousy T-shirt


​G-20 summit did not make much forward progress, but heads of state seemingly got along. More volatility elsewhere as Mexico, Venezeula, and Qatar wag the sovereign landscape. More downgrades?

Country Risk Chit: Australia Outlook 2H17 Ė Not Bad Mate


Australia's economy now pestered by housing bubble after years of commodities based charged growth. Combined with a high consumer debt load high, presenting some risk to GDP. But still manageable as other business sectors expand.

Country Risk Chat: Never Been to Spain, But I Kinda Like the Music


Dr. Scott will get you high on Germany/France, bad on UK and "Kinda Likes" Spain while Japan is meh! Take a top charts tour of his top country hits and flops of 2H2017.

Country Risk Chat: UKs Ugh-zit, Ugly-duckling Upendings


UK agita strikes again on annual basis as May government set to fall, or be mortally diabled towards ineffectiveness. Next steps still blurry, we provide first takes.

New Constructs: Better Equity Valuation for Fixed Income Investors/Risk Managers/Regulators


Viola Risk Advisors & New Constructs collaborate on capital structure analysis based on their respective strengths in fixed income and equity valuation analysis. Click through to reach the New Constructs website.

Country Risk Chat: Brazil Temer-ity/Volatility; Pakistan, Goin' Ridin' on Silk Freeway


Global terrain doesn't sleep & neither does the atmosphere as N.Korea keeps shooting off rockets.Brazil seeing vol as Pres. Temer scandals unfold. Pakistan enjoying the China panda bear hug with project$ galore.

Country Risk Chat: Korean Plutonium-onics, Macron-izing French Govít, German Electioneering


​Sovereign risk festers in the Korean Peninsula as the North strikes fear into the nuclear hearts of Japan and US nationals. Macron weaving a nice balance in the French National Assembly. And Merkel brings X-Mas in May with pork-barrel spending for Fall votes.

Global Banks 2017: New-Age Analysis,Hard-Core Equity Valuation Tools for Fixed Income Outperformance


Viola Risk Advisors & New Constructs held a webinar on how rigorous equity valuation tools can improve bond selection leading to fixed income portfolio outperformance.

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