Topic/Theme Reports

Country Risk Commentary: "Politics & Poker"


Trump administration-elect is filling positions and this leads to divisiveness and demonstrations. We review the 'politics and poker' impacts worldwide.

Trump (T)Era: What Will It Bring?


First thoughts on the Trump Era. Macro impacts and market reviews. Conference call tomorrow @ 10:30am NYC time on impacts to Global Systemic Banks.

Country Risk “Crap-shoot” Commentary


In front of the US election hysteria or histerical reality TV-like revelations, we offer our views on the macro factors and Country Risk challenges of the next Presidential Administration. Risk & Volatility are the only certains in an uncertain world.

Market Musings: Where Art Thou Janet? Is it Up or Down?


Markets in September should be more volatile and the kick-off should be by Fed Chair Yellen & teams rates pronouncement this PM. We survey various pundits on the economic landscape & offer our own view.

Country Risk Monitor: Around the World in 10 Minutes


Country risk still rocked on even though the stock market took a snooze rollicking in the summer hideaways. Still, volatility should rear its ugly head as we head into the Fall 2016 with US presidential elections and Fed policy about to inflect. 

Living In a Negative Yield, Material World?


As the #1 female pop star of all-time, Madonna sang in the '80s, "we are living in a material world!!"! Yet it is hard to get the world's material desires fulfilled in a negative interest rate world! Madonna's sage reply to that was, "If they don't give me proper credit, I just walk away!" And the question remains to investors is whether they will run away from the stock & bond market bubbles driven by negative yields & whether it all ends spectacularly painful, yet again, yet again.

Russian Roulette in Ukraine - U-Kidding Me?


Russia amps up the geopolitical technos with House DJ Putin dialing up the BPMs in the European EDM dynamics on the Black Sea. But really, the Russia/Ukraine gyrations should impact geopolitical fears going into the Fall seaon. Another "Debbie Downer" for debt/equity markets. 

Fall of EU: European Rapture to Rupture?


Our Viola Risk Roundup looks at the geopolitical  & country risk factors that will impact the macro environment and markets over the next 6 months. First, is a deep dive on the European & EU conundrum with negative rates failing to reboot regional economic growth. Combinations of bad banking, poor fertility rates and gigantic debt loads are drowning the great region into a more severe economic quagmire. 

Turkey's Counter Revolution: Sovereign Rating/Currency Pressure Cooker


Turkey will continue to headline with political drama & questions over the geopolitical situation on Europe’s southern flank. Turkey's emerging new order has major challenges ahead which will pressure cooker its sovereign ratings & currency.

CB Review: Rubber Duck, ‘Bout to Put the Hammer Down!


Dr. MacDonald travels the globe reviewing the key country risk drivers of economic and investor/risk manager performance. Brexit, US Fed, BOJ, Euro banks, China, Turkey, Brazil.

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