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Fed Makes Tortoise Move: Do They Matter Anymore?


The US Federal Reserve acted in the most obvious way with a tiny 25 bps increase in the Fed Funds rate. Viola Risk Advisors agrees with New Constructs views that the Feds rates impact much less and lags the bond markets. Mortgages will be key to the magnitude in rate rises to come in 2017. 

Country Risk Commentary: Mama Mia, Renzi Arrivederci!


Italy's "NO" Referendum reverberates through the EU as disastrous Italian banks quake and the euro's future in further jeopardy. 

Country Risk Commentary: "Italy: No Grazie Referendum, Mangia Debito"


As the Trump Administration takes shape and form, the Italian's soon vote on their referendum which could then sway the global markets. And then the China property & credit bubble continues to expand. 

Post-Election Pulse: President-elect Trump’s Impact to Global Systemic Banks


This conference call transcript reviews our views on the new President-elect Trump's impacts to Global Banks. Still hate the Eurobank sector, but some buying in Spanish banks, Barclays, UBS. 

Country Risk Commentary: "Politics & Poker"


Trump administration-elect is filling positions and this leads to divisiveness and demonstrations. We review the 'politics and poker' impacts worldwide.

Post-Election Pulse: President-elect Trump’s Impacts to European & Global Banks


Viola Risk held a well attended conference call on President-elect Trump's impacts to the big Euro & US banks. Orderly Liquidation, Volcker Rule, Retained Interests, the turnaround of the GSEs & resi- mortgage/MBS business were covered. We explore whether this will "Make America Great Again"

Trump (T)Era: What Will It Bring?


First thoughts on the Trump Era. Macro impacts and market reviews. Conference call tomorrow @ 10:30am NYC time on impacts to Global Systemic Banks.

Post-Election Pulse: Hillary's or Donald’s Impacts to European & Global Banks


David Hendler provides color commentary on the President-elect's impact to Global & European Banks. Are we reverting to Glass-Steagall days and obliterating Dodd-Frank under Trump? Are the elephant Big Banks under Sen. Warren's gun-sights as Hillary makes her "Deer Hunter-in-Chief"?

Country Risk “Crap-shoot” Commentary


In front of the US election hysteria or histerical reality TV-like revelations, we offer our views on the macro factors and Country Risk challenges of the next Presidential Administration. Risk & Volatility are the only certains in an uncertain world.

New Contructs’ View: The Fed Is Irrelevant: Low Interest Rates Are the New Normal


Viola Risk Advisors collaborates with New Constructs for its rigourous DCF analysis of stockval, similar to bond analysis. We share its CEO's views on how the Fed has mismanaged interest rates policy and what to do about it. 

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