Topic/Theme Reports

Italian Politics & Contagian


Dr. Scott MacDonald discusses the interplay between Italian sovereign risk, Italian politics and his view of the impacts to Italian banking. A witches' brew of risk!

BREXIT & DFAST: Breakfast of Champions for Stakeholder Stack


Friday's double witching hour of BREXIT & DFAST led to gyrations in the debt/equity markets. Viola reviews the trending threats to the US Bank sector.

Conference Chat: BAC -- Slow and Steady Strategy


Bank of America’s CEO Moynihan discusses the company’s overhauled business and measured growth strategies.  CCAR issues remain qualitative in nature as BAC works to improve risk modeling across the enterprise and through business lines.  TLAC shortfall appears manageable. 

Conference Chat: JPM -- Don't Worry, Be Morgan


JPMorgan Chase’s CFO Lake covered a lot of ground from interest rate risks to 2016 growth outlooks, to CCAR & TLAC expectations to consumer payment dynamics.  Overall the company believes it can deal with all the curveballs presented by the evolving landscape.

Conference Chat: Citigroup -- Unmasked For Growth


Citigroup’s CFO looks forward to more normalized results as its legal/regulatory troubles fade in the rear-view mirror.  CCAR process working better and rate risk appears to be contained.  Cards & Citigold are growth initiatives. C Citi Citigroup

Conference Chat: WFC CEO's Victory Lap


Wells Fargo’s CEO Stumpf wraps up another good year of market leadership across many key consumer and commercial sectors in the U.S. Paving the way for new President and COO Tim Sloan to take the reins.    

Conference Chat: KEY -- Expansion In Northeast With First Niagara


KEY focused on synergies to be had from its recently announced plan to acquire First Niagara Financial Group.  We expect achievable cost savings and commercial/investment banking business gains from the transaction within a three year integration period.  

Conference Chat: SSGA -- Trends and Opportunities


State Street’s Head of State Street Global Advisors detailed growth opportunities in its asset management unit.  

Conference Chat: WFC Cross-Selling Wealth & Investment Management


Wells Fargo’s Head of Wealth and Investment Management discussed the synergies and organic growth opportunities from partnering with the different internal businesses.   

Conference Chat: SunTrust Whole Hog on Wholesale


SunTrust’s Head of Wholesale Banking discussed the company’s business capabilities and strategies that differentiate it from other regionals and bulge bracket firms.  The better integrated company-wide team approach to servicing its commercial customers has proven positive for business growth.

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