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Country Risk Chat: Elections - Bloomberg in US, HK High Turnouts, UK Awaits Brexit Decision


Mike Bloomberg jumps into Democratic presidential race with media blitz and billionaire questions from the left of the party. Hong Kong local council elections vote more democracy as Beijing plots next moves. UK moves closer to PM/Parliament votes and Brexit decisions.

Country Risk Chat: US China Trade Spat, Looming Impeachment, German Economics


This issue comments on the US/China trade dynamics, US presidential impeachment potential and market impacts, US Democratic candidate outlooks, German economics and government policy, and Spanish parliamentary election results and outlook.

Country Risk Chat: Markets Rally with US Political Tussles, UK Elections Coming, Saudi Aramco Update


Despite President Trump impeachment trends pushed by Dems, US economy is buoyant and stock markets continue to rally. UK Parliament elections and Brexit decision awaits in December. Saudi Aramco prepares record size setting IPO. And more on Euro bank money laundering and what regulators are doing to prevent. 

Country Risk Chat: Waiting for the Fed & Argentina, Vietnam


Geopolitical winds swirl, but the stock markets want to ride the highs. The Feds rate actions are key to this ebullient equities environment. And then two countries at cross-roads as Argentina trys to avoid a debt driven recession/depression and Vietnam rides the China relo-trade boom. 

Country Risk Chat: Bad Cappuccino Markets? World & China Growth Slows


Cappuccino, China, Green Bonds and Dominica. A strange brew of country risk topics. But frothy, less coffee substance, nonetheless. Expect slow growth and more coffee grinds. 

Country Risk Chat: Strange Days with Trump Troop Moves, China Mini-Trade Deal, Slower India


The world has turned topsy turvey with conflicting Trump troop moves, US-China trade truce and India domestic demand slowing. Posibble N. Korea pork shortage adds to the geopolitical hunger games. 

Country Risk Chat: October Crashes & Flashes in Hong Kong, Canada PM Elections


As the leaves change in October from green to red, equity markets worry about crashes of the past. Scott reviews the US economic landscape and also interjects on Hong Kong protests and the Canadian elections. 

Country Risk Chat: Drones Dangers, Repos Ratcheting; What Helps Global Economy?


Global markets keep biting its nails as drones damage to Saudi Arabia oilfields leads to war worries between the US & assumed culpable party, Iran. And repo markets going haywire, with Fed liquidity actions just add to tenuous state of affairs. We look at revised OECD Economic Outlooks & Caribbean Development Bank views.

Country Risk Chat: Animals at the Watering Hole


Oil prices get hijacked by drones, destabilizing the Middle East & global peace & prosperity. And Venezeula regime failure threatens the South American & Caribbean economies.  Climate change seems like a breath of fresh air in comparison. Or is it? 

Country Risk Chat: The ECB, US Economy, Hong Kong & Brexit


The global porridge of hot spots continued as the UK political landscape becomes even more muddied as it comes to Boris Johnson and the Brexit imbroglio. HK gets a Fitch downgrade as the situation partly improves, but doesn't.  ECB faces pushback on further easing. US growth slows in manufacturing, but services sails forward. 

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