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Country Risk Chat: The ECB, US Economy, Hong Kong & Brexit


The global porridge of hot spots continued as the UK political landscape becomes even more muddied as it comes to Boris Johnson and the Brexit imbroglio. HK gets a Fitch downgrade as the situation partly improves, but doesn't.  ECB faces pushback on further easing. US growth slows in manufacturing, but services sails forward. 

Country Risk Chat: Boris in Action, Hong Kong on Edge & Dorian Plows Bahamas


Labor Day holiday did not quiet the world's worry points. Hong Kong protests and UK Brexit politics keep conditions volatile. And Hurricane Dorian dims Bahamas economic prospects.

Country Risk Chat: The G7 Summit & the Rise of Politics over Economics


Labor Day Week lulls were not in the cards as the G7 Summit & Trump tweet/talks stirred up the markets. Combined with Hong Kong protests and other cross-talk currents, outlooks for economic calm seem remote.

Country Risk Chat: Credibility, Consumers and Hong Kong


And the Trade Tariff beat goes on as to whether it is a tax on the US consumer and whether it will lead to a recession? Dr. Scott discusses the Trump v. the rest of the world views. And how Hong Kong, Argentina, and Japan fit into the dynamics. 

Country Risk Chat: Dark Skies Ahead?


Currency war between the US and China. Negative rates for the US? European growth stalled by slow Germany and Brexit burdoned UK. And Italy's continual political and financial uncertainy. Might as well stay at the beach for another couple of weeks of peace of mind. 

Country Risk Chat: The Fed & Tariff Man, Hong Kong Jitters, & BoJo’s Wild UK Ride


Global volatility escalates as The Fed, Tariffs, HK and the UK political/economic climates curdle. Risk of China army intervention rises for HK as does the risk for UK downgrade to low AA with BoJo after-effects. 

Country Risk Chat: The Perils of Global Growth


Summer swoons as the geopolitics continue to sizzle with the sky high temps in Europe, Asia and the Americas.  Tariff driven slowdowns, US GDP sags, new UK PM BoJo swagger, and Hong Kong snags keep the world on edge. Everyone into the pool to cool-down. 

Country Risk Chat: Earning Season in High Gear, Geopolitics in Low


US earnings season in full force as the banks led the way with mixed results while the Techs go strong this week. Geopolitics heated up with the summer sky high temperatures as Iran, China turn the tension/trade screws. US to ease, but by how much is now the question.

Country Risk Chat: The Fed, Earnings & a Whole Lot of Geopolitics


The Fed, earnings, China & Mexico trade upheavals. What a way to enjoy the summer season. Dr. Scott spices it up with his rates view, macro earnings concerns and worries on China and the Hong Kong demonstrations. 

Country Risk Chat: US Women’s World Cup Winners, US Geopolitical Losers?


While the US Women's Futbal team were World Cup Winners, the US has its hands full with volatile situations across the globe. Will the US win the geopolitical competition, or take some losses along the way?

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