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Country Risk Chat: Brexit Shm-exit, Ukrainian Borscht-Belt Humor, Asian Fusion Pu Pu Platter


World affairs are a smorgasbord of absurd realities that still need to be invested in or risk managed. From the UK, to the Ukraine, to the panopoly of Asia, there is no reason to watch Comedy Central. Just read this report. 

The Six Million Dollar Securities Analyst: Topping The Scales as Part Human, Part Robo-Analyst


Viola Risk Advisors recently presented to the Surrey Business School, part of the University of Surrey in Guildford, UK. We explored how incorporating Robo-Analyst tools can enhance the human analyst’s capabilities and lead to better analysis and a more productive career. 

Country Risk Chat: Europe, The Old Man of the World


Europe is limping along and would someone please put it out of its misery? It's mean, cruel and heartless to continue the ECB's flawed over-easing monetary policy. Just killing the banking system & forcing it to do speculative and unsavory activities. AML & KYC are foreign phrases in the Eurozone. Need to get compliance-real or else no one will deal. 

Country Risk Chat: More Storms Ahead: Trump-Congress Spats, Cash Heads to Sidelines


February will out-storm January as geopolitical nor'easters hit. Trump/Congress friction heats up the globe. While ex-US economic slowdowns make GDP conditions frigid. 

Country Risk Chat: European Outlook: Goulash, Galoshes, Ghoulish


We put on our galoshes to face the European election & political storms. With a hearty debt goulash to digest across the issuance calendars, it may make for a ghoulish year for investors & risk managers alike. 

Country Risk Chat: Trump/Powell Sumo Wrestling Clench, Brexit/Italy Stench, Macron Monkey-Wrench


2019 has the stench of more credit volatility from the macro big picture down to the industry/company levels. Dr. Scott reflects on the forward look for the Fed/Trump rates debate, the ongoing Brexit pileup, and "Paris is burning" as nationalism takes hold across Europe. And the China/US tariff trade wars. Bonne Chance mes amis!

Country Risk Chat: G20 Summit, French Friction, Russia/Ukraine Conflict?


Big week for sovereign chatter as the G20 Summit gets rockin on the 30th. Sino, Saudi issues top of mind on trade, oil, and assassinations. Macron's anti-nationalism challenged by  rambunctious Yellow Vests. Russia amps up its naval intimidation of Ukraine interests.

Country Risk Chat: US/China Trade Scrums, UK Brexit Blues, Italian Debt Worries


Investors want certainty, but the global dynamics deny this! With the US/China trade tussle becoming a  more vicious scrum. And the UK and Italy gyrating the Euro regions economics with Brexit and spending/debt strategies, the landscape for 2019 seems shaky at best. Scott gives his seasoned eyes views on how to navigate the upcoming volatility for bond investing. 

Country Risk Chat: Brexit, USMCA, Asia/Middle East EM


We go around the horn of Brexit, USMCA and Asia/Middle East sovereign issues. The Brexit show continues, USMCA makes Canada/Mexico better buys. India should hold ratings. 

Country Risk Chat: Brazil Elections, Another Populist Showdown


Brazil's presidential elections will usher in populist choices that will have to deal with difficult economic conditions. We review the terrain. 

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