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Country Risk Chat: G20 Summit, French Friction, Russia/Ukraine Conflict?


Big week for sovereign chatter as the G20 Summit gets rockin on the 30th. Sino, Saudi issues top of mind on trade, oil, and assassinations. Macron's anti-nationalism challenged by  rambunctious Yellow Vests. Russia amps up its naval intimidation of Ukraine interests.

Country Risk Chat: US/China Trade Scrums, UK Brexit Blues, Italian Debt Worries


Investors want certainty, but the global dynamics deny this! With the US/China trade tussle becoming a  more vicious scrum. And the UK and Italy gyrating the Euro regions economics with Brexit and spending/debt strategies, the landscape for 2019 seems shaky at best. Scott gives his seasoned eyes views on how to navigate the upcoming volatility for bond investing. 

Country Risk Chat: Brexit, USMCA, Asia/Middle East EM


We go around the horn of Brexit, USMCA and Asia/Middle East sovereign issues. The Brexit show continues, USMCA makes Canada/Mexico better buys. India should hold ratings. 

Country Risk Chat: Brazil Elections, Another Populist Showdown


Brazil's presidential elections will usher in populist choices that will have to deal with difficult economic conditions. We review the terrain. 

Country Risk Chat: US Growth, LatAm Outlook & Zimbabwe on the Caribbean


US economic growth and tariff policies setting the tone for global economic growth. We review the US situation and spillovers. Then look at Latin American & Caribbean growth. And end on the Venezuela inflation catastrophe with comparisons to Weimer Germany & Zimbabwe.

Country Risk Chat: Of Black Cats & Chickens - Italy, Turkey, Trade Wars & US Growth


Better US GDP growth endangered by trade war reality and rhetoric. Italy politics continue to be choppy and Turkey emerges as top EM risk. 

Country Risk Chat: Italy Erupts, EU Tsunami Warning?


Italy risk erupts as politicals incite the financial markets. Still, tough decisions on both will continue to make waves in the markets. 

Country Risk Chat: EM Risk Ratchets Up in LatAm & Italy


EM risk fires up with Venezuela's  re-election of President Maduro. Argentina looking for debt line to service heavy debt load. Brazil holding in. And Italy going populist. Egypt gets by with a little help from Gulf friends. 

Country Risk Chat: Ballots & Debt, Part 2: Election Triggers in Malaysia & Colombia


Part 2 of  Ballots & Debt explores the political part of  the EM risk cycle as Malaysia & Colombia wrestle with their recent and upcoming decisions. 

Country Risk Chat: Ballots & Debt Argentina EM Contagion Trigger?


EM debt concerns heating up as higher US rates wreak havoc on high debt loads & political election reactions. Part 1 of this series explores the Argentina debt dilemma that can set off EM contagion. 

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