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Country Risk Chat: HY Sovereign Roulette


The world is awash in liquidity from central banks and now upcoming higher yielding maturities looking for a yieldy home. Step right up to Brazil, Venezuela and China for roulette placers.

Country Risk Chat 2018 Outlook


VRA's country strategist, Dr. Scott MacDonald, gives his outlook for country risk across the globe. Likes Brazil and KSA  bonds, down on China, Italy, Spain & UK. Safe harbors with US/Scandinavian banks. 

Country Risk Chat: 2018 Outlook: Politics & Poker, Will It Trump Economics?


Country Risk in 2018 will be dominated by the reversal of the Europe bull trade on political volatility, China eco-vol, and EM looking more attractive with global economic growth. Preview of 2018 Viola Risk Conference views set for Thursday, November 16 in NYC. 

Country Risk Chat: Natural Disasters & Geopolitical Global Warming


Hot winds & storms swirled into the northwestern hemisphere bringing catastrophic damage to Houstion, parts of Florida and much of the Caribbean. Europe has its own political whirlwinds with Brexit and German elections bringing agency downgrades and far-right politics to the forefront. Kuridstan becomes a factor in Middle East dessert diplomacy. 

Morning with Viola Risk Advisors on November 16 in NYC


Viola Risk Advisors hosts its first live presentation reviewing its "2018 Capital Structure & Risk Mgt. Outlook" for Global Banks, Sovereigns & EM countries.  Special guest speaker on equity valuation tools for enhanced fixed income & risk mgt. performance. 

Country Risk Chat: Caribbean Tourism Tested by Irma, Germany & China Leadership Contests


The stormy hurricane season in the Gulf/Caribbean region tests the tourism trade-winds that are essential to the islands economic health. Germany & China consider leadership decisions, but incumbents seem to be shoe-ins. 

Country Risk Chat: September’s Serpentine GeoPolitical Sweepstakes


Flare points continue to abound in Venezuela & along the China-India border. The Game of Thrones Season 7 is over, but not so for political brinkmanship in Europe & the US.

Country Risk Chat: All We are Saying is Give Peace a Chance – NoKo, Venezuela, Russia


While August is traditionally a get-away month for the risk mgt. set, the risk still wants to play and needs to be attended to. We review the hot spots including NoKo, Venezuela & Russia war games. Still have Euro trade on, as DC tweets away the summer.

Country Risk Chat: Love, Laughter, European Disaster (Audio Link)


Dr. Scott reviews the European region's upcoming election & economic landscape. German & Italian elections and France's new government and economic prospects. Constructive on the European CDS trade.

Country Risk Chat: ConfCall August 2 @ 11AM NYC; Germany, Venezuela, The Fed & EM


Viola Risk will be hosting a Country Risk Conference Call on Wednesday, August 2 @ 11AM NYC time. Dr. Scott MacDonald will review the Euro Dynamics for the Fall Season including: German & Italian elections, France with Macron and UK Brexit outlooks. A sprinkling of China, Japan, Korea & Venezuela for good measure. Contact for call-in details.

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