Topic/Theme Reports

Country Risk Chat: Brexit Prune Juice, Irish Borders & Turkish Elections


High country debt loads, rising rates & political risk offers a challenging environment to many an EM exposure. Turkey stands out. Review Brexit ramifications to N. Ireland/Ireland and other messy factors.

Viola Buzz: Harvard Business School Case Study Praises New Constructs


Harvard Business School's new case study showcases New Constructs as a best-in-class provider of economic earnings data & analysis. Viola Risk integrates NC's data to augment its stakeholder stack analysis for debt/equity investors and counterparty risk/regulatory exposure managers. 

Country Risk Chat: Four’easter Fright Fest: Oncoming Traffic, Brakes Don’t Work


Rising rates, global trade war rhetoric, uncertain electoral politics and other geopolitical risks increasing country risk volatility climate. Stormy conditions a threat in Italy, Japan, Russia, Turkey, China and EM zone. 

Country Risk Quick-Take: Italy Post-Election Thoughts from the Nor’easter Blackouts Zone


Italy becomes a euro hot spot again as the eurosceptic parties gained a majority of the votes. Though hampered by power outages in Westchester County, Dr. Scott forges ahead with his quick takes on possible government scenarios for Italy. 

Country Risk Chat: Bears In the Woods - EM, Europe, Italy, Germany, Brazil


Can Europe unhinge as ECB backs away from its decade old uber-money flex stance. Italian election & German coalition forming continues to rattle the geopoliticals. Brazil in flux with pensions unsolved and its upcoming elections.

Country Risk Chat: HY Sovereign Roulette


The world is awash in liquidity from central banks and now upcoming higher yielding maturities looking for a yieldy home. Step right up to Brazil, Venezuela and China for roulette placers.

Country Risk Chat 2018 Outlook


VRA's country strategist, Dr. Scott MacDonald, gives his outlook for country risk across the globe. Likes Brazil and KSA  bonds, down on China, Italy, Spain & UK. Safe harbors with US/Scandinavian banks. 

New Constructs Presents @ Viola Risk 2018 Outlook Conference in NYC


New Constructs CEO David Trainer was the special guest speaker at Viola Risk's 2018 Outlook Conference at The Penn Club in NYC. Discussed how equity valuation tools can enhance fixed income and credit analysis performance. 

Getting ROIC right: E&Y Proof of Concept Whitepaper


Viola Risk highlights E&Y whitepaper that shows the superiority of New Constructs' equity evaluation tools regarding economic earnings analysis. Highly useful for more forward-looking fixed income, credit and regulatory analysis. 

Country Risk Chat: 2018 Outlook: Politics & Poker, Will It Trump Economics?


Country Risk in 2018 will be dominated by the reversal of the Europe bull trade on political volatility, China eco-vol, and EM looking more attractive with global economic growth. Preview of 2018 Viola Risk Conference views set for Thursday, November 16 in NYC. 

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