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Country Risk Chat: Never Been to Spain, But I Kinda Like the Music


Dr. Scott will get you high on Germany/France, bad on UK and "Kinda Likes" Spain while Japan is meh! Take a top charts tour of his top country hits and flops of 2H2017.

Country Risk Chat: UKs Ugh-zit, Ugly-duckling Upendings


UK agita strikes again on annual basis as May government set to fall, or be mortally diabled towards ineffectiveness. Next steps still blurry, we provide first takes.

Country Risk Chat: Brazil Temer-ity/Volatility; Pakistan, Goin' Ridin' on Silk Freeway


Global terrain doesn't sleep & neither does the atmosphere as N.Korea keeps shooting off rockets.Brazil seeing vol as Pres. Temer scandals unfold. Pakistan enjoying the China panda bear hug with project$ galore.

Country Risk Chat: Korean Plutonium-onics, Macron-izing French Govít, German Electioneering


​Sovereign risk festers in the Korean Peninsula as the North strikes fear into the nuclear hearts of Japan and US nationals. Macron weaving a nice balance in the French National Assembly. And Merkel brings X-Mas in May with pork-barrel spending for Fall votes.

Country Risk Chat: Macron, Soulagement Rapide, Níest-ce Pas? ou un autre Terrible Chef?


The French Pres-elections are over and Macron has won! But will he have a legislature in-line with his programs? Another round of French indigestion is in-store. But Dr. Scott prescribes his gaviscon remedies.

Country Risk Chat: Duking, Nuking & Puking It Out! France, N. Korea, Venezuela


​Dr. Scott roams the country risk hot-spots of France, North Korea and Venezuela going from typical to atypical risk. Election vol is palatable, but nukes and pukes less so.

Country Risk Chat: Canít Le Pen in Macron Just Yet!


​The French Presidential Follies Bergere, just lost two hoofers, as Macron & Le Pen duke it out in the final leg of the contest. Macron the favorite, but it should be close in early May. Italy & Venezuela lurch downward in this home stretch.

Country Risk Chat: Voters, N.KorKooks, Sultans & Other GeoPolit Crazies


All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances...And this is for certain, the world is ruled by crazies of all sorts. Good for Wall Street traders, worse for many sovereign bonds and real money investors.

Country Risk Chat: WWF Move Over, The EU Cage-Match Continues with France, the UK, Germany & Greece


​The EU & UK political tug-of-wars resemble a World Wrestling Federation cage match with the darling and devilish contenders "Greece"-ing it up. Market volatility will remain through year-end with never-ending chokeholds.

Country Risk Chat: French - German Maginot Line: Bulgarian Bearhugs


As the French fight amongst themselves and not the outside world for a change, and the Germans begin to mobilize for their election tussle, Bulgaria is becoming a chess piece in Putin's "new world order". Scandi banks are source of stability amidst the continents crisis.

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