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Podcast: The Six Million Dollar Securities Analyst: Surrey Business School


Viola Risk Advisors presented to Surrey Business School of the University of Surrey in the UK. The topic was the melding of robo-analyst tools with human analyst capabiltieis. 

SustainableInvesting: Best-in-Class ESG Bond & Equity Fund Analysis


Viola Risk Advisors LLC & Sustainable Research and Analysis LLC announce collaboration providing access to best-in-class ESG research & analysis for Green Bonds & Equity Funds. Webinar in Spring 2019. 

ConfCall: Holistic Credit Risk Evaluation – The “Must-Do” Approach in the Digital World


Viola Risk collaborates with thought leaders in our research and speaker series. On Thursday, June 7 @ 11AM NYC time, Jack Foster, former senior credit executive at JP Morgan will give his well-respected views on holistic credit risk evaluation. Contact your Viola Risk contact for access information.

Viola Buzz: Harvard Business School Case Study Praises New Constructs


Harvard Business School's new case study showcases New Constructs as a best-in-class provider of economic earnings data & analysis. Viola Risk integrates NC's data to augment its stakeholder stack analysis for debt/equity investors and counterparty risk/regulatory exposure managers. 

New Constructs Presents @ Viola Risk 2018 Outlook Conference in NYC


New Constructs CEO David Trainer was the special guest speaker at Viola Risk's 2018 Outlook Conference at The Penn Club in NYC. Discussed how equity valuation tools can enhance fixed income and credit analysis performance. 

Getting ROIC right: E&Y Proof of Concept Whitepaper


Viola Risk highlights E&Y whitepaper that shows the superiority of New Constructs' equity evaluation tools regarding economic earnings analysis. Highly useful for more forward-looking fixed income, credit and regulatory analysis. 

ConfCall: Defending Data & Deals from Fraudsters & Fake Friends


Viola Risk kicks off the Fall ConfCall season with a discussion on Financial Fraud & Cybersecurity Threats. With the Wells Fargo news continuing to be troubling regarding customer account fraud & cyberthreats hacking away at confidential information at major financial institutions, this is a timely review of a critical risk factor. Contact your Viola Risk representative for further call-in details.

Country Risk Chat ConfCall: Love, Laughter, European Disaster?


Scott MacDonald covers the hot-spots in Europe as the world risk mgt. audience awaits the Fall to Winter histrionics. Will dynamics get worse before its time to break out the champagne & cavier? And what of the Euro risk trade? Please join us on Wednesday, August 2 @ 11am NYC time.

Euro Bks Contagion 2017: Spain’s Popular Fails, Jr. Cap Wiped Out, Sr. Unsecd. Skates, Who's Next?


Systemic Sirens singing for their suppers as Spain's Popular hits the rocky shoals. Jr. capital gets wiped out, sr. unsecured debt lives for another voyage tethered to Santander carrier. Viola Risk's ConfCall will review cap structure dynamics & which Euro banks are most susceptible to further Siren negative cash calls. 

New Constructs: Better Equity Valuation for Fixed Income Investors/Risk Managers/Regulators


Viola Risk Advisors & New Constructs collaborate on capital structure analysis based on their respective strengths in fixed income and equity valuation analysis. Click through to reach the New Constructs website.

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