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Global Banks 2017: New-Age Analysis,Hard-Core Equity Valuation Tools for Fixed Income Outperformance


Viola Risk Advisors & New Constructs held a webinar on how rigorous equity valuation tools can improve bond selection leading to fixed income portfolio outperformance.

Global Banks 2017: New-Age Analysis, Hard-Core Equity Valn Tools for Fixed Income Outperformance


​Viola Risk Advisors & New Constructs co-hosting confcall on May 10 @ 11am NYC time on equity valuation tools for fixed income investors, risk managers & regulators. Premier firms in capital structure research and Stakeholder Stack analysis.

VRA Talks Fordham U. Gabelli School of Business


Viola Risk Advisors presented its thoughts on "New Age Risk Analysis": Finding Value Across Disciplines to the next generation of quant rockets scientists at Fordham U. Gabelli School of Business.

ConfCall: Trump & Yellen: Will That Madden or Mellow US Banks?


Viola Risk holds a conference call on the impacts to US Banks from the Trump Administration and Fed Chair Yellen with their impacts to regulations, interest rates and markets. On Wednesday, Feb. 1 at 11AM EDT. Short 30 minutes call.

Substantive Research Portal-London picks "VRA 2017 Global Systemic Banks Outlook" Top 5 Read


Substantive Research, a London-based research portal, picks Viola Risk Advisors' "2017 Global Systemic Bank Outlook" as Top 5 Read. See:

Global Systemic Bank Outlook for 2017: “The Great Banking Race” is Over! (audio weblink)


"The Great Banking Race" is over! and the large European banks have lost out to the Mega-banks in the US, Canada, Japan & China. We review the impacts of Brexit, "The Donald", and rising US interest rates and present "actionable" trades for 2017.

Post-Election Pulse: President-elect Trump’s Impacts to European & Global Banks


Viola Risk held a well attended conference call on President-elect Trump's impacts to the big Euro & US banks. Orderly Liquidation, Volcker Rule, Retained Interests, the turnaround of the GSEs & resi- mortgage/MBS business were covered. We explore whether this will "Make America Great Again"

Post-Election Pulse: Hillary's or Donald’s Impacts to European & Global Banks


David Hendler provides color commentary on the President-elect's impact to Global & European Banks. Are we reverting to Glass-Steagall days and obliterating Dodd-Frank under Trump? Are the elephant Big Banks under Sen. Warren's gun-sights as Hillary makes her "Deer Hunter-in-Chief"?

New Contructs’ View: The Fed Is Irrelevant: Low Interest Rates Are the New Normal


Viola Risk Advisors collaborates with New Constructs for its rigourous DCF analysis of stockval, similar to bond analysis. We share its CEO's views on how the Fed has mismanaged interest rates policy and what to do about it. 

FIASI Event: Sell-side Retrenchment & Rise of Independent Research Providers (video)


In our efforts to reach the fixed income investor base, Viola Risk Advisors participated in FIASI's Fall 2016 kick-off panel event celebrating the Society's 40th Anniversay. The topic was the rise of the Indie research providers as the traditional sell-side retreats. 

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