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European Banks Conference Call: Capable of Economic Earnings?


Just prior to 3Q16 European bank earnings, Viola Risk broadcasted our views on whether the big bank group can generate economic earnings and build economic book value. This is important for Stakeholder Stack valuations. 

Exclusive: Deutsche Bank 'hiding risk as it takes stealth underworld actions to survive'


British press on to the Deutsche Bank wounded dirigible problem. Is DB the next Hindenburg failure of design? Not a small patch job in Viola Risk's view.

Deutsche Bank: Funky Funding, Hiding From Credit Markets?


We held a conference call on Deutsche Bank reviewing its troubling Level 3 Assets, and its abnormal funding patterns. Bad assets and bad liquidity means that capital levels are woefully too low. Attached is a weblink for an encore replay of this presentation. 

Deutsche Bank: Emergency Conference Call - 11AM NYC Time


Deutsche Bank Call at 11AM NYC time Today, Call your Dial-In Number: (712) 770-4700; Enter your Access Code: 115428.

Viola Buzz: Bloomberg Podcast - "Welcome Aboard Starship Bank"


Bloomberg's Podcast team interviewed, David Hendler, the Head of Viola Risk Advisors, regarding the future of U.S. banking and a historical review of his reasearch insights. 

Viola Buzz: Markets Media Interview with Viola Risk Advisors


“We see a need in the market to go back to basics — do your credit homework, and do it right,” Viola Risk Advisors David Hendler told Markets Media.

Viola Buzz: The Flattening of Wall Street Research


David Hendler's presentation to the New York Society of Security Analysts (NYSSA) on the "Flattening of Wall Street Research"

Viola Buzz: Why a Fortress Balance Sheet Matters to the C-Suite


David Hendler presented to FactSet's Investment Process Symposium, Inaugural Fixed Income Summit in March 2015.

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